Diagnosis Tools

The Diagnosis Tools package make it easier to diagnose and debug problems in APL2 applications.

Diagnosis Probe Tool
The Diagnosis Probe lets you examine the running application's workspace.

Diagnosis Edit Tool
Use the Diagnosis Editor from the probe to edit objects in the workspace.

The APL2 Runtime Library enables developers to distribute applications and not require the full APL2 product as a prerequisite. However, the runtime library has two important restrictions:

  1. The session manager is not supported. Indeed, no interactive debugging facilities are provided with the APL2 Runtime Library.
  2. The APL2 interpreter terminates when an application encounters an unexpected error.

These restrictions make it very difficult to debug applications that use the runtime library.

The Diagnosis Tools package contains tools which make it easier to diagnose and debug problems in applications when using the APL2 Runtime Library. The package includes tools for producing trace messages, capturing and displaying diagnostic information about runtime errors, and interactively debugging applications.

This package only runs on Windows.

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