Consulting Services

I spent the last 20 years developing APL2 and helping customers understand how best to design, implement, tune, and support their applications. This has given me the experience and skills necessary to help users be more effective throughout the lives of their applications.

I specialize in compiled programs that extend and enhance the capabilities of array processing systems. If you need access to another system, such as an application or language, which your array processing system does not support, I can help. I can build a custom interface that provides access to other systems. If you need a high performance replacement for a section of your application, I can help. If you're interested, send me a note.

Consulting Services for APL2 Users

APL2 includes easy-to-use high-level interfaces that provide access to basic features of other languages and applications. It also has low level interfaces that include the capabilities necessary to access most products. However, the easy interfaces do not provide access to many products' newer or more sophisticated features, and the low level interfaces are so complicated that many APL2 developers find them daunting. That's where davidliebtag.com comes in.

I can help in a variety of areas:

Finally, I'd like to share with you what I think is a great opportunity for realizing significant savings in APL2 applications: improving how they're deployed.

Web-based APL2 applications are typically deployed on web servers that have been custom built in APL2. This is expensive for several reasons:

For a number of years, Workstation APL2 has supported Calls to APL2 from Java; this has enabled it to be called from Apache and WebSphere Application Server. Unfortunately, mainframe APL2's requirement for TSO has meant it could not be called from Java and so could not take part in the Apache and WebSphere deployment technologies. Recently, this has changed. Mainframe APL2 can now be called from the z/OS UNIX shell. I believe this means it can now be called from Java and so from Apache and WebSphere. This in turn means that APL2 applications can now be deployed using standard technologies. APL2 teams should no longer need to build and support their own deployment tools.

If you would like help understanding how to deploy your APL2 applications using modern tools, give me a call. I can help!