The Array Editor

The Array Editor supports editing arrays that contain arbitrary arrangements, types, and amounts of data.

Picture of Array Editor with sample data

Learn to work with arrays with the Array Editor. Explore how to manipulate different types of arrays. The Array editor can help you gain a greater understanding of how arrays work.

Explore what-if ideas with the Array Editor. Slice and dice your data and view it along different dimensions and from different perspectives. The Array Editor can help you determine how best to arrange your data for easy and efficient access.

Work with production application data with the Array Editor. Search your data and quickly find errors or even differences in how parts of your data are arranged. The Array Editor makes it easy to find and fix problems in production arrays.

Finally, a tool for APL users to edit arrays. I look forward to using the Array Editor, especially with heterogeneous arrays, to quickly resolve software glitches without having to dismantle each array.

To see the Array Editor in action, watch An Array Editor for Dyalog, a presentation from the Dyalog '12 conference in Elsinore, Denmark.

The Array Editor supports many actions including:

The Array Editor can be used with the following products and later releases of them on Windows®:

Note: The Array Editor is included with Dyalog 13.2 Unicode Edition. Users of Dyalog Classic edition can obtain it here.

For more information including the product's change history, consult the Array Editor Readme.pdf.

How to download and buy the Array Editor

To download the Array Editor, read the Array Editor Terms and Conditions, check the box below, and push the Download button.

I have read and agree to the Array Editor Terms and Conditions.

The Array Editor is free for personal, educational, non-commercial, and evaluation purposes. To purchase the Array Editor for commercial use, click here. The price is $250.

Using the Array Editor technology

The Array Editor has a hierarchical infrastructure:

The interpreter interface and data conversion layers are easily extended to support more languages. If you would like to use the Array Editor from another language or array processing system, please let me know.

The Array Editor control's window class could be exported for use in other applications. If you would like to use the Array Editor control in your application, please let me know.

The Edit control's window class could also be exported for use in other applications. The Edit control supports very fast access to enormous amounts of data. If you would like to use the Edit control in your application, please let me know.

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